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Switchboard App by Mobilise

Switchboard is a mobile app for Android and iOS which allows users to manage their wireless service provider account and offers WiFi calling allowing users to make and receive calls and text over their WiFi connection.

What is Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi Calling is the conventional name for a technology that allows cellular packets from your phone to be transferred to your carrier over the internet, and injected back into the cellular network.

How is Switchboard different from other applications?

Unlike services like Skype, which let you talk to other people using call forwarding or an internet-based interface, Wi-Fi Calling lets you use your actual carrier phone number over the internet. Wi-Fi Calling is also distinct from VoIP technology, which lets you use an internet-connected phone exactly as you would a landline. VoIP transfers your voice over the internet to the switched telephone network, whereas Wi-Fi Calling connects your voice to the mobile carrier’s network using the internet instead of cell towers.


Key benefits:

  • provides WiFI calling using native mobile number
  • The ability to receive calls over WiFi when out of GSM coverage (requires integration with Mobile networks)
  • Selfcare interface that improves enduser experience, and reduce Customer Service load
  • Single wallet capability, by integrating the Switchboard System with any existing accounting system
  • International virtual numbers
  • Cloud hosted solution, minimising setup cost
  • Access to Mobilise International Hotspots network.
  • International airtime and mobile money transfer

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Software Developement

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