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What is Mobilise Hotspots?

Mobilise Hotspots is a cloud service which provides simple, secure, always-on Wi-Fi access on any mobile device.

Powered by iPass, the world’s largest Wi-Fi network, Mobilise Hotspots provides flawless experience connecting in over 120 countries, 160 network providers and 50 million hotspots around the globe.

Clients can brand the mobilise software development kit (SDK) which integrates Mobilise Hotspot connectivity into clients platform.

Mobilise Hotspots

Why Mobilise Hotspots and not Free Wi-Fi?

The Mobilise Hotspots service offers a premium service ensuring unlimited usage, with the comfort of advanced security and a hassle free service with no need to search for available networks.

Mobilise Hotspots
  • Completely Unlimited Wi-Fi without any download or streaming limits – this is a premium service;
  • No need to worry about usage limits or slow speeds.
Mobilise Hotspots
  • Secure authentication and identity protection;
  • Keeps credentials secure with SSL encryption;
  • Supports the use of corporate VPNs.
Mobilise Hotspots
  • No need to look for a free hotspot as automatically connects;
  • No need to enter personal information in order to connect;

The Mobilise Hotspot Experience:

Without Mobilise Hotspot
With Mobilise Hotspot
Mobilise Hotspots
Requires watching ads, giving personal info or paying after 30 minutes
Gate to gate connectivity with a consistent user experience
Mobilise Hotspots
Requires credit card, which is stuck in the overhead bin until 36k feet
Ability to connect without a credit card starting at 10k feet
Mobilise Hotspots
Takes effort to find, is often slow, and introduces security risks
Access high quality networks securely with Last Mile VPN
Mobilise Hotspots
Must search through network IDs to find an available network
Seamlessly connect to the best hotspot for your needs
Mobilise Hotspots
Incurs cellular roaming fees and/or foreign language Wi-Fi login screens
No need to pay for premium services or decipher foreign language pages
Mobilise Hotspots
3G/4G limits the options for use of multiple devices
Stay connected regardless of your device or mobile plan

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