BSS / OSS Consulting

Our Clients

Mobilise provides OSS and BSS consulting services to telecommunication providers across the globe. Mobilise specialises in an array of technology areas in OSS and BSS and has expertise in configuration, development, migration, testing or upgrading across all major OSS and BSS platform vendors.

With the emergence of disruptive technologies, changing government regulations and tariff wars, the Telecommunications industry is becoming increasingly competitive and complex. This brings challenges but also opportunities for Telecoms service providers. Mobilise’s end-to-end OSS/BSS consulting services help clients to uncover new opportunities for innovation whilst creating value for the end customers more effectively.

A sample of the OSS/BSS domains supported includes:

  • Mediation and Rating
  • Charging, Billing & Revenue Assurance to solve billing and charging challenges
  • Order Management
  • Service Provisioning
  • Service Activation
  • Service Assurance
  • Inventory Management

Learn exactly how Mobilise can help by reading some of our case studies below.

MNP Case study

A European mobile operator needed to improve its operating efficiency around Mobile Number Portability request processing, whilst adhering to local number portability regulation. In a highly competitive market, quickly and efficiently processing requests for high value customers looking to port-in their mobile number was seen as a critical task to enabling the business to grow its customer base. Mobilise analysed the operators existing MNP processes, which were heavily reliant on manual tasks, and formulated a technology strategy to develop an automated system and interface for admin staff to log and monitor the progress of port-in and port-out requests. The MNP portal delivered considerable cost efficiencies and significantly reduced handling times and errors with port processing. The system was developed with a series of light weight and flexible technologies, allowing for easy customisation and scalability.

Customer Care Portal

A UK based MVNO needed a central admin system that would allow its staff the ability to centrally administer requests related to various processes within the business such as sales orders, MNP requests, prepaid voucher generation, customer faults.

Handset Fulfilment portal

An Asian based B2B handset refurbishment company was looking to move their business closer to the customer and were looking for support to help shape business and technical requirements for a consumer facing take back and sales portal. Mobilise supported with BRS and TRS definition and delivery consultancy interfacing with the clients internal development team for project delivery.