Bundling in telecoms – what’s next?

Bundling of products and services has been in existence for ages, McDonald’s Big Mac meal deal, anyone? Likewise bundling of Telecoms services is nothing new either. Dual, triple and quad-play operators have been in existence for many years and bundling has proven an effective strategy to offer more value to customers whilst mitigating churn and maximizing CLV (customer lifetime value). Here in the UK, Ofcom reports that 80% of households in the UK buy bundled services and by doing so households on average save themselves 24% on the total cost when purchasing services individually. Bundling of services can also significantly reduce churn percentages , KPN Netherlands has 10% churn across all its consumer propositions, and only 5% among bundle customers. Proximus Belgium’s consumer churn has averaged 21% for single play products, 11% for double-play, 10% for triple-play, and just 3% for quad-play[1]. So, there is an obvious reduction in churn for every extra product included in the bundle.

Figure 1 – Ofcom Pricing trends for communications services

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Mobilise launches Global Connect Wi-Fi service

New app to provide travelers with unlimited Wi-Fi access at millions of hotspots globally

LONDON, April 2018–Mobilise and Global Connect Wi-Fi today announced the launch of a new Wi-Fi Travel service for the travelling community. Global Connect Wi-Fi enables subscribers to automatically connect to its vast, global network of Wi-Fi hotspots for a fixed cost subscription of £9.99 per month.Subscribers pay as they go with no minimum contract duration and have no restrictions on data usage, enabling them to manage their cost of data consumption via our predictable pricing model. The new service will provide these users with unlimited data access to 64m+ million Wi-Fi hotspots globally.

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Mobilise Technology to provide global Wi-Fi service to Tep Wireless

Leading provider of innovative mobile connectivity solutions for roaming customers to offer Wi-Fi add-on to its customers

LONDON, UK April 2018–Mobilise, a global leader in providing consultancy, software and managed services to the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) market,  have announced they will be providing a new global Wi-Fi service to Tep Wireless.

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Five ways blockchain will change the telecoms industry

In the space of a few years, blockchain has transitioned from a technology tentatively discussed by tech enthusiasts to a topic we can happily pick apart with our taxi drivers – as indispensable to our ambitions as automatic cars, IoT, AI or VR.

But whilst awareness is currently confined to its application in the finance sector – as the technology used to create cryptocurrencies – its implications for the telecoms industry are similarly disruptive.

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Roam-like-at-home effects on operator margins and solutions

Roam-like-at-home effects on operator margins and solutions

Regulatory changes aren’t necessarily bad news, but nobody enjoys uncertainty – too often, it’s mistaken for negativity. The EU’s new regulations to abolish roaming charges, which came into effect on 15 June 2017, has added enormous pressure to an industry already threatened by slimming margins, requiring each player to react quickly and pre-emptively, to manoeuvre the dangers and, most importantly, realise and act upon new opportunity.

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Mobilise Technology and iPass to Provide Global Wi-Fi Service to mobilcom-debitel

Leading German digital lifestyle provider to offer unlimited Wi-Fi to its 12 million mobile customers

LONDON, REDWOOD SHORES, Calif.&BÜDELSDORF, Germany,1 September 2017 –Mobilise, a global leader in providing consultancy, software and managed services to the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) market, and iPass (NASDAQ: IPAS),a leading provider of global mobile connectivity, have announced they will be providing a newglobal Wi-Fi service to mobilcom-debitel.

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What is WiFi First?

What is WiFi First, and why it matters

Where would we be without WiFi connections? The question is almost rhetorical. Our lives depend upon a wireless network web; these days, new laptops aren’t even built with Ethernet ports. We won’t forego Internet connections, just as we won’t blind or maim ourselves.

WiFi is a modern-day imperative, as relevant as oxygen, and our dependency upon it is only set to increase.

WiFi First is a network service model that prioritises the use of WiFi over the cellular network for voice, SMS and data traffic. It was first introduced by Republic Wireless in 2012, providing an alternative, cheaper option over the traditional cellular network model, and ultimately resulting in lower priced contracts than existing MNOs (mobile network operators).

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